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People often spend months, and sometimes even years, saving for their dream holiday. It is important to be covered for the unexpected with leisure travel insurance.

Travel insurance doesn’t just cover you while you are overseas for unforeseen events such as lost baggage, illness or injury. Many policies commence long before you even start your journey, covering your financial loss if you have to change or cancel your trip.

You can have policies covering a single trip or all your trips in the one year.

When purchasing travel insurance, there are many reasons to consider a reputable insurer which has broad cover and 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world.

These include:

  • Medical: Medical treatment in many countries is very expensive for foreigners and some hospitals won’t treat a foreigner without upfront payment or a guarantee from the insurer.

  • Activities: People often get caught out by exclusions or optional extras like as snow sports cover or motorbike riding cover. Injuries which cost tens of thousands of dollars can occur as a result and it’s important to ensure that you have the right cover for this.

  • Car Hire Excess: Vehicle hire always has high excesses attached. It’s important to know what your travel policy covers in the event of a claim with your hire company.

  • Baggage: The loss, delay or theft of baggage is one of the most distressing experiences when in a foreign country. A good travel insurance policy should have provisions for emergency supplies and assistance.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Not all insurers will cover you for your pre-existing medical conditions. This may have a huge financial and emotional impact if you suffer illness or injury as a result of this condition while travelling.

  • Domestic Travel: Most people don’t consider taking out insurance when travelling domestically. Domestic travel policies can provide cover for travel delays, cancellations, baggage, personal liability and car hire excess. Furthermore, non-medical costs associated with an injury or illness while travelling can be claimable under a good comprehensive travel policy.

We have partnered with PassPortCard to assist you with obtaining your private leisure travel insurance.

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