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Air Compressor


A machinery breakdown policy provides cover for loss or damage arising from a sudden and unforeseen breakdown. The coverage can vary between insurers but can include options such as cost to repair or replace, or a blanket limit per claim. It can also include loss/deterioration of stock as a result of the breakdown.

Some people may be of the misconception that if their machinery is new or under warranty, they wouldn’t need breakdown cover. Unfortunately, warranties would not cover breakdown as a result of a number of events including:

  • Power surges / Power outages / Power brown-outs

  • Operator error

  • Incorrect installation

  • Accidental damage

  • Tripping of a fuse

  • Thermostat / Microchip / Sensor failure

Nor would they cover any consequential loss or contamination of stock as a result of the breakdown.

This cover is typically taken out by businesses which have electronic/mechanical machinery, boilers, pressure plants, refrigerators, cool rooms or air-conditioners.

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