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Shaking Hands


Running a company, whether it’s large or small, comes with its fair share of risk. A company and its directors face both a personal and corporate liability exposure from numerous stakeholders including the following:

· Shareholders

· Employees

· Competitors

· Creditors

· Regulators

· Customers

· Liquidators / Administrators

When a breach of company law or regulation is alleged, the focus is on your conduct as a manager and as a company. You may think a claim is completely baseless or without merit, but it will still cost time and money to defend successfully.

Types of claims you or your company could face include:

· Breach of directors' or officers' duties

· Breach of fiduciary duty

· Defamation

· Breach of the Trade Practices Act, and other statutes

· Workplace health and safety proceedings

· Infringement of intellectual property rights

· Breach of confidentiality

· Allegations of illegal or improper conduct

· Employment practices claims (bullying, sexual harassment or unfair dismissal)

Having the right Management Liability or Directors’ and Officers policy in place can help alleviate the financial burden of these types of claims.

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