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Each business venture is individual and unique. Insurers are well aware of this and have created a business pack (named slightly differently with each insurer) so we can choose the covers that are relevant to you.

The common types of cover are:

  • Property Damage - Covers damage to your building, contents and/or stock arising from insured events and sometimes accidental damage.

  • Business Interruption - Covers the loss of gross profit as a result of an insured event. Sometimes major damage can mean that a business premises closes for many months. The inability to trade could cripple the business without this cover.

  • Burglary - Covers attempted theft of contents and/or stock. It will often include a sublimit for theft without forcible entry.

  • Money - Covers money in its various locations such as on premises during business hours or in safe. There are often options to have a blanket cover.

  • Glass - Covers breakage of glass. Usually includes a sublimit for signage, temporary security and damage to frames.

  • Liability - Covers your legal liability to pay compensation in the event of a claim for third party injury or property damage as a result of your business activities. Cover normally automatically includes both public and products liability.

  • Employee Dishonesty - Covers theft or fraud by employees.

  • Machinery Breakdown - Covers the sudden and unforeseen damage to your machinery and mechanical equipment (and possibly the resultant deterioration of stock as a result).

  • Electronic Equipment - Covers the breakdown to computers and electronic equipment; and the business interruption costs associated with the breakdown.

  • General Property/Portable Equipment - Covers portable items that you use in the day to day conduct of your business. The can include professional tools, mobile phones, laptops or surveying equipment.

  • Tax Audit - Covers the costs (up to the specified limit) incurred by your tax professional

There are also spin-offs of the business pack, such as:

Office Insurance - A business pack designed specifically for white collar businesses

Retailers Insurance - A business pack designed specifically for the retail trade sector

Motor Trades Insurance - A business pack designed specifically for the motor repairers/trades industry

Trades Pack - A business pack designed specifically for mobile trades businesses

Contact us and we can help source and design a package that is suited to your business needs.

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